Outdoor Remodeling Projects for Your Home

With warmer weather approaching, you may be dreaming about ways to spend more time outdoors. You might want to spruce up the exterior of your home with a remodeling project, so you can get the most from your space. Spring garden parties, summer barbecues, and many other gatherings for family and friends could be just around the corner. Here are a few outdoor remodeling projects that may be perfect for your household.

Build a Deck

A new deck may be just what you need to transform your outdoor space. You’ll need to consider several major details while you’re planning such a feature. One of the top factors to think about is how high above the ground you want your deck to be. If you have little ones in your household (or plan to), then you may not want a deck that is higher than a foot or two. Consider where the steps to the yard should be, as well as how many sets of steps you’ll require. You’ll need to think about the kind of wood you want for your deck – unless you choose a synthetic material. Once your deck is constructed, you may want to add various features, such as a hot tub, benches, and a fire pit – so be sure that you allow for enough space to include everything you want.

Add a Concrete Patio

If a deck isn’t practical but you still want to expand your outdoor options, a simple patio could be a viable choice. A patio made of concrete could endure numerous years of use, and this material is relatively easy to maintain. You won’t need to worry about the effects of most weather conditions on your new patio. Additionally, you might be surprised by how many variations in color and style can be achieved with concrete.

Construct a Balcony

Another home improvement project that could be ideal is the addition of a balcony to a second (or third) story room. If your master bedroom or family room is on the second floor, you might add this feature in order to make the most of your living space. A bedroom balcony is perfect if you enjoy sipping your morning coffee amid the sound of birds chirping nearby. A large balcony may provide a great place for small parties during the summertime.

Consider a Gazebo

A large backyard might serve as a wonderful setting for a gazebo. Your new gazebo may be a place to change clothes before and after swimming or sunbathing. If the unit is large enough, you could use it for dinner parties – even if it starts raining, you and your guests will be able to stay outside and continue enjoying yourselves. You can install a screen for protection against mosquitoes, yellow jackets, and other pests. A gazebo may also be utilized when you want to spend some time alone; just grab a book and a mug of tea, and consider the structure your own private retreat from the world at large.

Create an Outdoor Kitchen

If you absolutely love preparing meals and entertaining outside, an outdoor kitchen might be the right remodeling project for your home. You could have a large concrete counter and sink installed for easy access to a faucet, as well a place to prepare food. Most of the kitchen appliances that you depend on indoors may be suitable for outdoor use – as long as the area is well sheltered. If you throw outdoor barbecues regularly, you’ll want to make the grill a focal point of this environment.

The exterior area of your home can be just as inviting as its interior. A knowledgeable contractor will help you to realize the dreams you have for your yard and other outdoor space. The first step is to consult a professional, so the outside of your dwelling can be as cozy as you want it to be.

Hot Bathroom Remodeling Trends

Remodeling your bathroom can give you an instant sense of renewal. This is a room that sustains a lot of use, so it should reflect your lifestyle and your style preferences. Because the bathroom gets so much use, it’s also a space that can quickly become worn and shabby looking. Not to worry, though! The following bathroom remodeling trends are both inspiring and doable, and they could update the look of your bathroom beautifully. Whether you want to change just a few details or completely redo your bathroom, consider these themes and trends when you begin planning your bathroom remodeling project.

Being Smart About Storage

Let’s face it: Many bathrooms simply don’t come equipped with enough storage space. Toiletries, linens, and other supplies can take up a lot of room; allowing them to clutter up your counter and shelf space is a sure way to make the room look perpetually messy. Instead of fighting your way through a mess of products every time you need to use something in your bathroom, you could have some shelves and cupboards custom-built to suit your needs. Do you have extra room on your counters? Then, you may want to think about a vertical cubby unit to house your towels and other items that get used every day. Another option is to build a storage unit between Jack-and-Jill sinks.

Hand-Held Shower Heads

Moveable shower heads have been around for decades, but they seem to be more popular than ever. That could be due to the number of Baby Boomers currently remodeling their bathrooms to support changing health conditions. A hand-held shower head enables you to move where you need to without straining yourself or spraying water all over the bathroom. Baby Boomers are certainly not the only people who appreciate moveable shower heads, however. Many Millennials enjoy some of the trendier models, such as hand-held shower heads equipped with colorful LED lights that change periodically.

Bathroom Remodeling for Aging Individuals

Moveable shower heads are just the beginning for those who are entering retirement. If you are aging, you may be experiencing health conditions that make you less stable on your feet. Safety bars in your shower can help you to prevent an unnecessary fall. Another feature that can be quite useful for seniors is the shower bench. A shower bench is perfect for someone who has just undergone knee or hip replacement surgery, as well as many other types of medical procedures. You can have a bench built right into the shower, and then use your moveable shower head to bathe as needed.

Back to Basics

Another recent trend is a return to basics in terms of aesthetics. Instead of an overwhelming combination of colorful tiles, patterned wallpaper, and various fixture styles, numerous consumers are opting for a minimalistic design approach in their bathrooms. White walls, gray tiles, and plain fixtures provide a simpler look that doesn’t clutter the senses. You might have a simple, deep tub installed with stainless steel fittings. Alternatively, a standing shower with a basic, frosted or transparent door could be ideal for your bathroom.

Water Conservation

Conserving water will continue to be a major trend in the next decades, and the bathroom is a great place to get started doing this. You can order all kinds of water-saving fixtures for this room, including toilets, shower heads, and faucets. Innumerable water-efficient products are stylish and attractive, so you can still beautify your bathroom while doing your part to conserve the world’s dwindling water supply.

No matter what kind of bathroom remodeling project you have in mind, you may want to integrate one or more of the latest trends with your plan. Recent bathroom remodeling trends seem to reflect the changing needs of consumers quite well. Your new bathroom can be both beautiful and practical – and that means that you probably won’t need to modify it again for a while.

How to Add Value to Your Home With A Room Addition

If you want to add value to your home by remodeling, you might consider a room addition. More square footage can instantly contribute to the overall value, especially if the extra room has useful features. Even if you’re not planning to sell your home anytime in the near future, you may want to sell it at some point. By having a new room constructed, you can not only add value to future potential buyers – you’ll also add value to your home while you’re living in it. You deserve to get the most from your place of residence – so if adding a room will help you do that, it’s time to get started! The following tips could help you to create a room that will benefit your household, as well as add monetary value to your home in case you choose to sell it.

Build on Existing Space When Possible

Ideally, you will construct a new room over existing space that isn’t being used. This will help you to get the most from your budget (since you won’t need to spend as much on the project). You’ll save money that would otherwise need to be spent on building an entirely new structure. A good place to put an additional room could be over a garage or in a basement. You can certainly knock down a wall if you need more space, but at least you’ll have some existing foundation on which to start your project.

Construct a Sunroom

Another way to build the selling value of your home with remodeling is to construct a sunroom. A room designed with plenty of windows can make a gorgeous addition to any home. Such a space might be used to host parties, entertain the family, or as a home office. Just be sure that you build the room according to your needs and circumstances; you may not recoup all of the money you invested in the construction when it’s time to sell. However, getting several years of enjoyment from a sunroom is a payoff that countless homeowners feel is well worth the cost. Additionally, a sunroom could make your dwelling more marketable when you want to sell it.

Add a Family Room

A unique strategy is to add a family room without a dividing wall. Your family could use the room as a way to spend time together. The open space will create a sense of continuity throughout the home, and a future owner might utilize the space as a game room, a library, or an indoor nursery. An addition that isn’t divided from the adjoining room by a wall will make the area seem bigger than it actually is. That could be a major selling point (and you’ll actually save money on the remodeling by omitting the dividing wall).

Create a Pool House

If you already have a pool or plan to install one, a pool house can make a perfect addition to your home. Certain features you might include in your pool house could be a hot tub, a sauna, and a bathroom with a shower. The room could also be equipped with lounge chairs, tables, and even a small wet bar for serving cocktails or non-alcoholic beverages. You could construct the room to enclose an existing pool or to house a planned swimming pool. This could be particularly appealing in a climate that isn’t temperate all year long. If you live in a perpetually warm area, you might opt to construct the pool house near the pool instead of using the room to enclose it.

When you think about remodeling your home, be sure to consider projects that will add to its resale value. Room additions offer a multitude of possibilities, and they may be implemented to suit your current circumstances. You should construct a new space that you and your family can use and appreciate. If it also happens to make your home more valuable when you sell it, such a room will truly be a worthwhile investment.

Basement Finishing Ideas

Does your home have a basement that is overstuffed with old books, clothes, toys, and other items that no one is using anymore? Then, it probably needs some general remodeling. By making a few changes, you could easily transform your basement into a new guest room, office, play area, or entertainment center. Don’t worry – you won’t have to do it all on your own. A professional can help you to make the modifications needed. Here are a few ideas that could get you started on the new room of your dreams.

Creating a Space for Guests

If family and friends come to stay with you regularly – or if you’re thinking of renting out a room for some extra income – making a guest room in the basement could be the perfect plan. You’ll want to start by having the room insulated, so your guests or boarders aren’t subjected to noise coming from other parts of the house. Make sure that your temporary (or permanent) inhabitants have quick access to the outside in case of an emergency. This can be done by installing either an additional door or some windows near the basement ceiling. Have the lighting updated if your basement is too dim, and put in some attractive new floors to complete the look.

Working at Home

Countless people work from home. Whether you need the work space to finish up a few office tasks at home, or you’ve decided to work full time at your place of residence, that neglected basement could serve as your new office. You may need to soundproof the room if you have children in the home or noisy neighbors. Make sure that you waterproof it, as well – your expensive office equipment and client files could be destroyed if the room experiences a flood or plumbing disaster. Have lighting installed that is sufficiently bright but also ambient; you’ll likely work more efficiently if aren’t forced to do so under a harsh, fluorescent glare.

Playing Downstairs

A great way to keep your children occupied is to give them their own play space. While you won’t want to leave very little ones unattended, a basement playroom can be ideal for kids who are a bit older. If you want to be sure that they’re doing all right at all times, you can have a couple of nanny cams positioned in strategic places. Have shelves built into the wall (and make sure that they’re low enough for the children to reach safely). You might want to have carpet installed instead of a harder floor surface, in order to prevent small falls from becoming big disasters. You could also have some low benches attached to the walls, which will create places for your kids to sit and extra storage space for blankets, pillow, and toys.

Entertaining Your Family and Friends

An entertainment room may involve several key components, and your basement might be the best place to build such an area. Waterproofing is a must if you plan to have expensive electronics in your entertainment area. You may want to have a wet bar constructed to accommodate adult guests. Soundproofing is probably a wise strategy, especially if you’re going to watch movies in your home entertainment center. A contractor can help you to install a surround sound system for both movies and music. Your family and your guests may never want to leave the basement once it’s been transformed into a place for entertaining!

It can be easy to forget that your basement is more than just a storage space. If you consider the possibilities, you might find that the room below may be used for a broad assortment of purposes. From a general remodeling project downstairs to a very specific type of basement transformation, you can choose the option that works best for your household.